KURAN (NZ) Filming

Filming equipment and facilities.

Full range of filming equipment and facilities are available in New Zealand. Many movies, TV commercials and documentaries have been filmed and New Zealand continues to be a popular destination for filming. As a result, a large range or filming equipment and facilities are available.

The availability of technicians, technical equipment and facilities and a multitude of locations are all factors making New Zealand an even more exciting and attractive destination to film. And, should the equipment you desire not be readily available in New Zealand, KURAN can also source from overseas and have the equipment couriered direct to the filming location.

More than $130 Million US has been committed by New Line Cinema to produce a live action, special effects packed trilogy of films based on J.R.R Tolkien's internationally renowned fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. The films will be produced consecutively and all will be shot on location in New Zealand. Principal photography will last approximately one year, which began around mid-1999. Weta Digital, Jackson's innovative special effects firm based in Wellington, New Zealand will be responsible for the elaborate computer generated visuals demanded of the epic project. In the press release from New Line Cinema director Peter Jackson said, "It has taken 45 years for filmmaking technology to finally catch up with Tolkien's imagination. We are fortunate down here in New Zealand to have both the computer technology and the natural landscapes to bring the unique world of Middle Earth to life."

Sir Peter Jackson, an internationally respected filmmaker, received an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay Heavenly Creatures, a film he also directed and produced. Heavenly Creatures was awarded a Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1994.

A small list of what is available.

  • Camera Rental

  • Laboratory - Full Post Production through to release print 1st KODAK IMAGECARE LAB in the world

  • Silver service courier for rushes

  • Music recording and Sound mixing including Dolby digital mixing

  • Editing including Digital Post Production Audio, film and video

  • Dolby Digital Mixing Studios

  • Stages and TV Studios

  • Satellite transmission for rushes and sound

  • Art department

  • Stunts

  • Special effects, Animation and Computer generated effects

  • Full Laboratory finishing available in Sydney (Australia) and Wellington (New Zealand)

  • Cranes, and dollies - including Fisher 10, Fisher 11, Panther, Spider

  • Lighting equipment - including electronic ballasts

  • Digital effects credits include - "Contact" - producer Charlie Mellan, " The Frighteners" - Ex. producer, Bob Zemeksis, director Peter Jackson. "Heavenly Creatures" - director Peter Jackson. "Napoleon" - director Mario Andrecchio, "Crashers" director George Miller. "Hercules" and "Xena" (Source: Film NZ)

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